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                Weight Belts


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​              ​Scuba Regulators

               BCD Service

            Visual Inspections

​          Hydrostatic Testing


​              Service Center

Here at U DIVE SCUBA we understand the importance of having your diving equipment working at its optimal level.  Regular service is critical in extending the life of the SCUBA Equipment.  Here at U DIVE Scuba we are here to serve you.

​​Looking to experience  the world of Scuba Diving.  We offer PADI Courses, CPR, and Emergency First Responder Classes. ​We specialized in small classes.  Experience the wonders of Florida's  Waters with your friends at U Dive Scuba. Service center for Visual & Hydrostatic Tank Inspection, Regulator Service, BCD Service... and much more!

     ​PADI Scuba Lessons